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EPCC’s Cool New Multimedia Hangout

EPCC cool just opened up this awesome new hangout spot called the multimedia studio, and everyone’s totally stoked about it. They cut the ribbon on Tuesday, Feb. 6, right over at the Technology Resource Center on the Valle Verde Campus.

What’s Inside?

Let me tell you, EPCC didn’t hold back with this place. They’ve decked it out with a podcast studio that’s got all the latest gear—think fancy audio and video stuff. And that’s not all! They’ve even thrown in a lightboard and a video studio complete with a cool green screen setup.

Who’s Welcome?

Here’s the best part: this place isn’t just for show. Nope, it’s open to all EPCC students and faculty. Whether you’ve got dreams of starting your own podcast, filming an epic video, or just want to jazz up your lectures, this place has got you covered.

Money Talk

Now, you’re probably wondering how EPCC managed to pull off such a cool project. Well, it turns out they snagged a sweet grant from the U.S. Department of Education called Title V. With that extra cash, they turned their dream of a top-notch multimedia studio into reality.

Why It’s a Big Deal

Dr. Steve Smith, EPCC’s Vice President of Instruction and Workforce Education, is absolutely pumped about this new studio. He’s saying it’s all about giving students the tools they need to succeed. With this awesome setup and access to cutting-edge technology, EPCC’s on a mission to change lives and make a real impact in the community.

In a Nutshell

So, there you have it—EPCC’s new multimedia studio is ready to shake things up on campus. Whether you’re a student with big dreams or a faculty member looking to spice up your classes, this studio’s where it’s at. Thanks to EPCC’s commitment to innovation and support from grants like Title V, the future’s looking brighter than ever for students in El Paso.