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September 24, 2020

HD maps of Catalan public roads now available, including free sample

Applus+ IDIADA’s partner atlatec GmbH has scanned 330 kilometers of Catalan public roads to collect data required for the creation of high-definition maps (HD maps) to be used by autonomous vehicles. Scanned routes include highways, interurban roads, rural roads and city streets. Scanned routes were selected for their above average probability of encountering challenging situations for connected and automated vehicles.

The HD maps created by Atlatec GmbH are now available for companies or research institutes that need these maps to test their highly automated prototypes on public roads in Catalonia. Contact Applus+ IDIADA or Atlatec GmbH for further information (contact data included in free sample).

A HD map of a route near Applus+ IDIADA is now available for free download. The route includes a wide variety of infrastructures such as urban, suburban, industrial and high speed roads. Download it for free on the following link (HD map near Applus+ IDIADA):

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