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July 5, 2018

Barcelona Introduces Mobileye to City Streets

Barcelona City Council has installed Mobileye’s collision avoidance system into Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) buses and other municipal vehicles as it looks to increase road safety in the city in the context of its 2013-2018 Urban Mobility Plan, one of the aims of which is to provide safer and more sustainable movement in the city and to increase travel by foot, bike and public transport.

Mobileye’s Shield+™ technology, specially designed for buses and lorries on urban routes, was initially trialled in two 12-metre-long hybrid buses, where it gave the drivers visual and audio alerts of hazards, including imminent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists. The technology works by constantly scanning the environment, including in particular blind spots not visible to the driver, even with outside mirrors. This helps to avoid situations that are especially dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, two of the most vulnerable groups of road users. Shield+ is especially useful in this kind of vehicle, which is characterized by risky blind spots, especially in urban environments.

Shield+ comes with a full telematics system (currently provided by a third party) which aggregates data into a map showing accident “hot spots”. This valuable information allows immediate infrastructure improvements to make city streets safer. The collected data from the system can then be managed, filtered and transferred to the Department of Mobility of the Barcelona City Council. The data continues to be collected as the vehicle drives along its route.

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