Catalonia Living Lab offers a comprehensive environment for the development and testing of automated and connected vehicles in Europe

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The future of automated transportation

Automated road transport has the potential to solve many of the current and future mobility problems of a growing and aging population. It also enables innovative social and business driven solutions: road safety, traffic efficiency and an inclusive and sustainable transport network would greatly benefit rom the introduction of this technology on our roads. However, the development of these connected and automated driving systems faces many challenges in order to become reliable, safe and secure enough to be successfully deployed.

Development of automated vehicles

Besides testing in controlled environments, connected and automated driving stakeholders require open road testing to assess the impact and validate the developed functions in real-world conditions. A large and heterogeneous number of scenarios are envisioned for testing connected and automated vehicle technologies and services in complex environments including a wide variety of road types, radio access technologies, road user communities and modes of transport.

Catalonia Living Lab

In November 2015 the Spanish Traffic Department (DGT) published a legal framework allowing for automated driving tests on public roads in Spain. This framework specifies the requirements for permission, thereby providing manufacturers of automated riving technologies with the opportunity o test in real world conditions. Sparked by the publication of this framework, the Government of Catalonia and automotive industry initiated a platform to respond to worldwide needs for development and validation of connected and automated driving technologies, both in controlled environments and on public roads: Catalonia Living Lab. Catalonia offers the perfect environment to cover these needs, for the following reasons:

  • Dedicated support team of professionals in the field of connected and automated vehicles
  • Dedicated road side equipment installed in certain parts of Catalan public roads
  • Dedicated scanned road data for in-house use in virtual simulation
  • Dedicated pro-active local and regional government
  • Legal framework allowing for public road testing up to fully autonomous vehicles (L5)
  • Multiple independent proving grounds, laboratories and engineering companies
  • Wide variety of road users and scenarios
  • Wide variety of weather conditions