Catalonia Living Lab offers a comprehensive environment for the development and testing of connected and automated vehicles in Europe.

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What is Catalonia Living Lab?

Catalonia Living Lab is a public-private framework for development and testing of connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies. Its primary goal is to cover all CAV related development and testing needs with Catalan (public) infrastructures and industry.

Catalonia Living Lab provides the main test environments required in the development process of connected and automated vehicles: from virtual simulation to laboratories, proving grounds and public roads.

Catalonia Living Lab provides a comprehensive service portfolio designed to support automotive industry and research institutes worldwide. Between all partners involved, it covers the complete development cycle of automated and connected vehicle functionalities: from concept finding and design to integration and final validation.

How to get started?

Want to test your prototype on Catalan public roads? Apply for authorization here.

Need support in your development process? Find engineering services here.

Need virtual support? Find simulation tools here.

Want to test in a closed environment? Find proving grounds here.

Need suggestions for public road test locations in Catalonia? Find routes and areas here.


What makes it stand out?

The combination of the following assets make Catalonia Living Lab stand out from other initiatives related to connected and automated vehicles.

One stop shop

Whereas other initiatives only focus on specific areas, Catalonia Living Lab combines testing on public roads with the facilities and services of multiple independent proving grounds, laboratories and engineering companies. Together forming a comprehensive, independent and holistic tool chain for development and testing of connected and automated vehicle technologies. All under one roof.

By and for automotive professionals

Unlike many other test beds, Catalonia Living Lab is created by and for automotive professionals. Its infrastructures, facilities and services are designed by automotive experts to serve international clients in any stage of their vehicle development process. Its facilities fit automotive needs, and its employees understand automotive clients.

Pro-active government

The Government of Catalonia actively promotes research, development and innovation in transport and mobility sectors, as well as the creation of public-private platforms for deployment of these technologies. It also supports foreign companies in their establishment in Catalonia. The involvement of local governments facilitates testing in urban areas, for example by providing specific equipment, data or safety measures.

Legal framework

Since 2015, a legal framework allows for public road testing of highly automated vehicles in Catalonia (L3, L4, L5). Thanks to that framework, all Catalan public roads are available for testing of connected and automated vehicles. This enables testing in a wide variety of environments, scenarios and weather conditions.

Scanned road data

Catalonia Living Lab counts with more than 6000 kilometers of scanned road data available for application in virtual simulation. This data consist of 3D images in combination with 3D point clouds obtained by lidar.